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Custom Fitting

Your Golf Shop offers free custom fitting with every purchase of equipment. We use the PGA Tour-inspired, Foresight GC2 launch monitor. Once the club head model and shaft are determined, we then measure for length, lie angle and grip diameter for a perfect fit.

Our experts and you will concur on the right club and shaft for you. Then we dial in the length, angle and grip size to complete your fitting.


You’re in Good Hands at Your Golf Shop


Your Golf Shop has long thought that the game of golf should be fun. Challenging, but fun. Take a golfer who hits the ball 145 yards off the tee, put them on a 450 yard hole and tell me when the fun begins. Courses too many times are trying to achieve lengths that professionals use and as a result, the average guy or gal cannot contend with par.

Face Procedures

Playability Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Golf Shop offers a playability satisfaction guarantee with every fitting. If you follow our recommendations, you have 14 days to play your new clubs and if they don’t meet your expectations, then you can return your purchase for a refund less the fitting fee. If you do not take our recommendations, then the sale is final. We will continue to work with you for the next several months until you can meet your expectations at a nominal fee. Custom specs will be made to stock sets whenever possible.


Our Rewards Program

Our rewards program is the best in the industry. No points, no spending goals. Just give the cashier your last name and you’ll automatically receive a discount at the register. Some restrictions apply.

*Email required to receive rewards discounts.


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